About Us

The Toronto Players Tour was established in 2020 by Russell Budd. Its creation was designed to meet the needs of high level professional and amateur golfers in Ontario amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As there was a lack of outlets for players to compete, the TPT was created as a professional tour that was based off of two key principles: All inclusive (men, women, professionals and amateurs) and its identity of a “Players Tour”.

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During its first 2 seasons, the TPT has established itself as Ontario's Golf Tour. Through it's partnership with Golf Town, the Tour's reach has expanded far outside Toronto to offer everyone a true TOUR experience. In their first 2 seasons, the Tour has paid out over $300,000 and has been a stepping stone for professionals to reach PGA Tour Canada, Symetra Tour and Division 1 scholarships.


The TPT prides itself on it's inclusive nature being truly open to anyone.  

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